How is the new year in Shanghai Longfeng road better

so that Shanghai dragon is the group of people still have a brilliant future? Are those who form their own marketing system of such a group of people, in addition to the full contact of various Internet marketing channels, but also try to through the line marketing + online marketing tools, this group of people to create a more complete marketing system, they think the Shanghai dragon still have a brilliant future, strictly in their eyes, Shanghai dragon is actually one of the most accurate marketing channels, and focus on the search engine promotion outside the auction advertisement +> read more

Angel investor Cai Wensheng Grassroots entrepreneurs difficult to increaseA set of SEO tutorials to

in fact, Cai Wensheng believes that this financing needs to do before the homework, and in the Internet business need to do well in preparation for, in fact, is the same truth.

Li Jingying

this, in the beginning of the business, want to clear the way to go, in his view, it becomes very important. Cai Wensheng’s experience is that many people start or invest, like to think of 35 years later, the overall market and industry structure, and in the Internet era, there are many things have become very fast, and want to know the trend is very important. read more

Xiamen station on the road to the nternet and the future development

Xiamen real estate joint network – Zhang Weiguo

Founded in December 25, 1999,

is the earliest and most popular real estate website in Fujian province. Operating in the past 8 years, with its rich, practical, authoritative content and timely, innovative and sincere service, won the majority of property buyers and the public and users love.

by the end of 2007, the daily home page visits have exceeded 150 thousand, registered members exceeded 500 thousand, and has opened the Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Longyan sub station. Won the "Xiamen top ten website", "Fujian top ten electronic commerce website", "China ten real estate website" title, becoming the first brand of Xiamen real estate website, one of Xiamen’s most influential local website. In February 2008, it was designated as one of the 5 co operation websites of "civilized network and civilized Internet" by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government of Xiamen. read more

Personal Adsense how to promote local talent network

local talent network has become more and more prosperous in recent years. There are many differences between the local talent network and the comprehensive national talent network, but it does not mean that they are in a disadvantageous position.

like qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin also has local station, but he charges on enterprise cost, individual stationmaster is a big advantage in this respect. Big website has hundreds of people to operate, the brand is noisy, but average to each individual, individual stationmaster has bigger profit space. Baidu recently also in the field of talent horizontal inserted a leg, so that operators personal network owners difficult, but also indicates that talent networks will only be more popular, the short term will not decline. Now talk about the personal operation of the recruitment of talent network summed up some of the personal Adsense how to promote local talent network method. read more