VHP delegation meets Delhi Police Commissioner demands arrest of miscreants who vandalised

first_imgBy PTI |New Delhi | Published: July 2, 2019 6:48:08 pm Advertising Pimpri-Chinchwad: VHP members booked over ‘swords, air rifles at rally’ The delegation gave an ultimatum of four days to the police to arrest the culprits. They also asked the Police commissioner to take measures for restoring the confidence of the “terrorised” Hindus, which he claimed were asked by the miscreants to leave the area.“The Hindu Samaj will take a call on its future course of action after waiting for four days for the police to arrest all those who were involved in desecrating the temple,” Kumar said. Kumar, who visited the temple in Hauz Qazi area said he has been informed by a senior police officer that three people have been arrested in connection with the incident.“We have asked the Police Commissioner to scan the CCTV footage, which should help them in identifying those responsible for desecrating the temple and idols in it. Four days have been given to the police to arrest all those responsible for it,” he said. The delegation communicated to Patnaik that there could be a “larger design” behind the incident as a quarrel over parking of a two-wheeler snowballed into the desecration of the temple.“We also asked the police to restore confidence of Hindus living in the area since they are terrorised after the incident,” Kumar said. The delegation also asked the Police Commissioner to replace the “desecrated” idols with “full rituals”, he added.Even as tensions prevailed in the area, the police are trying to restore normalcy through strict vigil and holding meetings with locals 0 Comment(s) VHP, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, VHP mob lynching, mob lynching VHP, vhp jharkhand lynching, vhp lynching, vhp love jihad, love jihad vhp, indian express, latest news The delegation gave an ultimatum of four days to the police to arrest the culprits. (Representational Image)A delegation led by VHP’s Delhi unit working president Alok Kumar Tuesday met Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik and demanded the arrest of those involved in vandalising a temple in central Delhi’s Hauz Qazi area. Tension prevailed in old Chawri Bazaar area on Monday after a fight over parking a scooter took a communal turn and a temple was vandalised in the locality. Related News Advertising VHP to organise prayer meets in temples across country on April 6 Welcome step back last_img read more

Brown girl in the ring

first_img LiveKarnataka floor test: Will Kumaraswamy’s 14-month-old govt survive? Santoshi’s mahaut Tulsi Ram, a native of Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh, says feeding holds crucial clues. “When Santoshi is not well, she stops eating. That is our red flag… Fortunately, all these years, she has been very docile.”Being docile is an important requirement of these elephants, with the annual Yatra procession requiring them to walk 18 km, amid a sea of devotees, vehicles, tableaux and ‘bhajan mandalis’. This year, over a million devotees were part of the festivities, watched over by 20,000 security personnel and teams from the zoo and Health Department, armed with a tranquilizer gun.For three days leading up to the Yatra, all the elephants were stationed outside the temple for devotees to make their offerings. On regular days, one to two do so on rotation.If they are confident of one elephant not posing any trouble, despite the gruelling schedule around the Yatra, it is Santoshi, says Ram Swaroop Das, the caretaker of the elephants at the temple. “Santoshi was brought to the temple by our maharaj (head priest Dilip Dasji Maharaj) three decades ago and she has been part of every procession since. Just like humans, elephants are intelligent beings and they have got used to the religious ceremonies now.” After Masood Azhar blacklisting, more isolation for Pakistan Santoshi during the Rath Yatra in Ahmedabad on July 4. Javed RajaAs she has done for the past 30 years, Santoshi stepped out on July 4, caparisoned and painted, to participate in the Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra procession in Ahmedabad. At 60, she is the oldest among the 17 elephants part of the temple trust, with one more added from a local mahant in the procession this year. Smiling, Rahul says Lakshmi is the temple’s “star elephant”. Her face smeared with vermilion powder and a small bindi on her forehead, she is stationed opposite the temple’s main gate, and is a darling of the onlookers. “Devotees click selfies with her, a few feed her every day. The best part is that she recognises devotees, especially children,” says Rahul.Explaining just how much profit elephants can bring them, Mahendra Naik, a fruitseller in Jamalpur, says, “Rest of the year, I station my cart at the Jamalpur vegetable market. However, from July 1 to July 4, I sell fruits to only devotees and every day, I do a business of Rs 1,000. Today, I sold 40 crates of bananas (each crate has around five dozen bananas).”The caretakers believe the elephants at the temple share a unique bond. One of them, Jayshree, 35, was brought 25 years ago from Assam. Mahendra Jha, a trustee of Lord Jagannath temple, says they had requested for four elephants from Assam since three of their tuskers had died due to old age last year. At the last minute, Assam put off sending four elephants more to join their group — if not walked with them — following a controversy over the tortuous long journey on wheels that would have entailed for the pachyderms.Santoshi has cataract in her right eye and is kept chained at all times in a small compound opposite the Lord Jagannath Temple near Jamalpur Darwaza in Ahmedabad, with each animal only having a 3-4 ft radius space to move about.Before Yatra day, Santoshi and the other elephants were examined by experts from the Health Department and nearby Kankaria Zoo, as their mahauts fed them jowar to keep them distracted and an official stood by with a tranquilizer, just in case. Advertising Best Of Express Virat Kohli won’t have a say in choosing new coach Post Comment(s) LiveKarnataka floor test: Will Kumaraswamy’s 14-month-old govt survive? Advertising Advertising After Masood Azhar blacklisting, more isolation for Pakistan More Explained Tulsi Ram, who has been with Santoshi for four years, is among the 20-odd mahauts looking after the temple elephants. They have no fixed salary. While food and lodging are provided, whatever they collect from devotees is their income. It is usually Rs 100-200 a day, and hence Yatra time is crucial.A major part of a mahaut’s work involves feeding. An elephant eats over 150 kg of food daily. “Santoshi eats mostly jowar every day, along with fruits etc. However, her favourite are sugarcane and jaggery, fed by devotees,” Tulsi Ram says.A lot of that diet comes in the form of alms, and hence, every day, 8-11 am, all the year around, the elephants are led across the city by their mahauts and a mahant each to fetch ‘dakshina’.A few “smart tricks” go a long away. Rahul Singh, 20, originally from Jodhpur in Rajasthan, demonstrates an interaction between devotees and his elephant, Lakshmi (40). A middle-aged woman, with a baby girl in arms, approaches Lakshmi after Rahul has given the go-ahead. As Lakshmi lowers her trunk, the child puts a Rs 10 note and a Re 1 coin in it. The elephant swirls her trunk and puts the money in the front pocket of Rahul’s jacket. The child squeaks with amusement. Top News Written by Vaibhav Jha | Updated: July 7, 2019 9:33:52 am Virat Kohli won’t have a say in choosing new coach About what can be most stressful for the elephants, Rahul Singh says it is often the behaviour of humans. “Lakshmi can identify a drunkard if he approaches her… She starts growing impatient. But, unless provoked, animals never harm.” Taking stock of monsoon rain last_img read more

British PM hopeful Jeremy Hunt reiterates postBrexit FTA with India

first_img Advertising Taking stock of monsoon rain More Explained The 52-year-old UK foreign secretary, who is going head to head with former foreign secretary Johnson, wrote to the Conservative Friends of India (CFIN), saying he looks forward to engaging with India.He reiterated his plans to further strengthen the “incredibly important” India-UK relationship and strike a post-Brexit Free Trade Agreement (FTA).“I look forward to engaging with India to negotiate a free trade agreement following Britain’s exit from the European Union later this year,” Hunt said in a letter addressed to the CFIN membership. britain pm theresa may, jeremy hunt, brexit, uk, european union, scotland, wales, new brexit law, world news, indian express The 52-year-old UK foreign secretary, who is going head to head with former foreign secretary Johnson, wrote to the Conservative Friends of India (CFIN), saying he looks forward to engaging with India. (REUTERS/Henry Nicholls)Britain’s prime ministerial candidate Jeremy Hunt has reached out to the Indian diaspora to boost his chances against Boris Johnson, reiterating his plans to strengthen the “incredibly important” bilateral ties and strike a post-Brexit Free Trade Agreement. UK to facilitate release of Iranian tanker if it gets Syria guarantees: Jeremy Hunt “Given the closeness of our two countries, I hope and expect we will be able to agree this very soon,” he said.CFIN, co-chaired by British-Indian businessman Rami Ranger and Conservative Party MP Zac Goldsmith, promotes closer ties between the ruling Conservative Party and India.As it is made up of the Tory party membership base, CFIN members will be among the nearly 166,000 voters set to cast their postal ballot to elect a new party leader who will go on to become Britain’s Prime Minister on July 23.“With 1,451,862 British people of Indian-origins living in the UK and close to 150,000 British people living in India, the ongoing relationship between our two countries is incredibly important,” notes Hunt, in the letter issued this week. Best Of Express Cabinet asks finance panel to consider securing funds for defence Karnataka trust vote today: Speaker’s call on resignations, says SC, but gives rebel MLAs a shield Explained: 1.6 lakh Conservative Party members vote to decide next British PM By PTI |London | Published: July 6, 2019 5:32:08 pm Post Comment(s) PM contender Jeremy Hunt sets out plans to prepare Britain for no-deal Brexit Advertising The senior Conservative Party leader hailed the “living bridge” of the Indian diaspora between India and the UK and pledged that as Prime Minister, he would look forward to working with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his new agenda, especially on areas such as building climate resilience and improving the ease of doing business.“As Prime Minister, I would ensure that our relationship continues to expand, as both countries work together for mutual benefit, creating prosperity, championing the rules-based international system and working together to address common threats and challenges.“Both India and the UK have major roles to play in a safe and secure world, and our focus should be on the future, working to sustain and build a flourishing partnership,” he said.Quoting some statistics, he pointed out that almost 20,000 Indian students came to the UK last year and that the numbers are now over 70 per cent higher compared to just two years earlier in 2016. Related News He added: “Skilled workers from India in 2018 increased at the fastest rate for any country. We still issue more skilled work visas to Indians than to the rest of the world combined.“Under my leadership, Britain will continue to be a global, outward-looking, tolerant country”.Hunt and Johnson are both conducting a series of hustings up and down the UK in an attempt to woo enough votes from the Conservative Party membership.Hunt will host a ‘Telephone Town Hall’ on Sunday and invited all CFIN members to connect with him directly during the session.Postal ballots are set to be issued to all Tory party members across the UK by Monday, with polls set to close by 5 PM on July 22 after which the counting process will begin for the result to be declared the next day.The new leader is unlikely to move into the Downing Street right away, with a handover process set to take place between May and the new incumbent. Advertising Following her failure to secure Parliament’s backing for a Brexit deal, Theresa May had formally resigned in early June and has been functioning as a caretaker Prime Minister until a new leader is elected. After Masood Azhar blacklisting, more isolation for Pakistan last_img read more

Study reveals how a persons social network affects neurological outcomes

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Sep 27 2018Are healthy and unhealthy habits contagious? Can a person’s social network influence their risk of disease? It’s a contentious idea but one that researchers want to explore in the future and better understand. A new study by investigators from Brigham and Women’s Hospital helps lay important groundwork for such studies by developing and making accessible scalable tools to allow clinical researchers to assess social networks in a robust and quantifiable way. In addition, using data from a cohort of participants in the federally funded Genes and Environment in Multiple Sclerosis (GEMS) Project, the team reports finding an association between the habits of people connected to a participant and that person’s level of self-reported neurological disability. The team’s results are published online today in Nature Communications.Related StoriesRaw meat can act as reservoir for bacteria associated with hospital infectionsStudy analyzes high capacity of A. baumannii to persist on various surfacesDanbury Hospital launches ‘Healing Hugs’ for its most vulnerable patients”We find that there’s a strong relationship between the health habits of people in a patient’s social network and outcomes that are of interest to physicians who specialize in multiple sclerosis. This relationship must not be ignored when considering an individual with neurological disabilities. We need to ask, ‘Is this person’s risk based solely on their biology, or is it influenced by the healthy or unhealthy lifestyles of those around them?'” said lead author Amar Dhand, MD, DPHIL, a neurologist in the Department of Neurology at BWH.Dhand and colleagues have developed a social network assessment tool that can be applied to any patient population. To test it, they used the tool to measure the social networks of 1,493 people at risk of multiple sclerosis. Participants were asked to complete a brief questionnaire to assess neurological disability based on the person’s self-reporting of several abilities including walking, using arms and hands, vision, speaking clearly, swallowing, cognition, sensation and bowel and bladder function.The team plotted a montage of each participant’s social network (see image), finding that the average network consisted of eight people who were densely linked. The team also plotted the milieu of health habits around each participant, including exercise, smoking and seeing a doctor. The researchers found that the health habits of the people in one’s social network were strongly associated with the participant’s self-reported neurological dysfunction, and the percent of network members who have a negative health influence had the strongest association with disability.While it’s still early for the GEMS Project cohort – participants have been enrolled in the study for less than five years – Dhand and colleagues plan to continue assessing the relationship between participants’ social networks as well as genetic risk factors and other environmental factors in the development of symptoms of MS.”We hypothesize that there is a link between social networks and neuro-immunological function, and, downstream, we plan to look at what social network features are related to disease susceptibility,” said Dhand. Source:https://www.brighamandwomens.org/last_img read more

Aggressive breast cancer cells hijack protective protein to aid growth

first_imgThis aggressive breast cancer hijacks your normal protective physiological process to survive the toxic environment it has created.”Hasan Korkaya, Study Author The study revealed that tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα), which can induce cancer cell death, can also be manipulated to aid the survival of cancer cells.The results also suggest that HSP70 could provide an effective target for treating certain aggressive breast cancers.The researchers studied animal models and human breast cancer cells lines using HSP70 inhibitors and tested what happens when they administer more TNFα, which should then be able to destroy cancer rather than protect it.They found that to protect the cancer cells, TNFα upregulates the protein A20, which then induces HSP70. This prevents the TNFα-induced apoptosis of cancer cells.As recently reported in the journal Oncogene, Korkaya and team found that in less aggressive luminal breast cancer, TNFα does not upregulate A20 and instead aids cancer cell death.However, overexpression of A20 in luminal breast cancer cells causes them to become more aggressive.When the team inhibited A20 expression and then administered more TNFα to the aggressive cells, the cancer died off.Furthermore, when they administered TNFα without first inhibiting A20, the cancer cells started to produce more of the protective protein.Next, the team plans to find out why A20 and HSP70 are not upregulated by TNFα in luminal breast cancer.They also intend to find out whether A20 is upregulated in patients with disease that has progressed. Oct 2 2018A study conducted at Augusta University has revealed that a protein known to protect healthy cells also protects cancer cells in aggressive breast cancer.Image Credit: Nedelcu Paul Petru / ShutterstockThe research suggests that heat shock protein 70 (HSP70), which protects cells from stress, seems to protect cancer cells in difficult-to-treat triple negative breast cancer, but not in the easier-to-treat estrogen-positive breast cancer.center_img Source:https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2018-10/mcog-abc092818.phlast_img read more

How to Back Up iPhone Data to an External Drive

first_imgThen you can close the command prompt window, and try an iPhone backup to see if it works. Even if you have a main hard drive large enough to handle your backups without any concern, shuttling your data to an external drive has its advantages. It can act as an off-system failsafe in case your computer’s drive collapses beyond repair. It also frees up the main drive, which hopefully will keep your computer working snappily for a little longer.In either case, please remember to back up your phone regularly. And maybe don’t put yourself in a situation where you wonder for 15 minutes if you tossed it out with the recycling. Using Windows 10 Here’s how I solved the problem on my Windows 10 machine. First, since I had the capacity on my current drive (but only just), I created an iPhone backup using the regular iTunes sync method to the default location, just in case any mishaps should occur. I went to the folder Apple uses to store backups, typically this one:C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\BackupYou should replace [Username] with your own actual username, naturally.You’ll want to copy that folder to your desired new backup location, and then either delete the original Backup folder or rename it as “BackupOld.” Then hold the shift key and click the right mouse button to open a command window. There, enter the following: mklink /J “%APPDATA%\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup” “[External Drive]:\iTunes Backup”Of course, you’ll replace [External Drive] with your actual drive letter.You can add subfolders here too if you like to keep your storage as organized as possible. So, something like this would work just fine:E:\MyBackups\iTunes Backup I bought my current laptop a little over a year ago and actually had some trouble managing backups at first. My partner and I use the same computer for backing up our phones, but with ever-increasing device storage capacities and solid-state hard drives still somewhat expensive, despite featuring in more and more systems, space is at a premium.Apple demands a lot of storage for its backups, especially since it often stores multiple versions. A 256-GB hard drive to run one’s system and keep data safe is just not enough anymore.The thing is, Apple does not make it easy to sync backups to an external drive automatically. Typically, iPhone owners will plug in their devices, and Apple will create a directory on the main hard drive and stuff the backup there. That’s easy, and it’s probably enough for most people. Forcing iTunes to store the backup elsewhere requires a redirect trick. A recent incident reminded me of the importance of backing up one’s phone regularly. Soon after carrying my recycling out to the curbside, I realized I had misplaced my 6-month-old iPhone. Cue brief panic, followed by deep concern that I’d somehow tossed my device into that transparent bag I’d left outside for the world to see.That led me to yelling “Hey, Siri” a few times around my apartment until the familiar chime sounded, revealing my trusty phone was hiding on a stepladder underneath a coat. Phew.I have no idea how or why I managed to leave my phone there, but had I not found it, the situation could have been much worse: It had been months since I’d backed up my data. I was lucky to escape what could have been a potential disaster caused by my absent-minded tendencies. Using macOS Save Main Drive Space The steps are similar for Mac systems. You should find the standard backup folder here:~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Copy, then remove or rename the Backup folder. Then open a terminal and type this:ln -s /Volumes/[External Drive]/MobileSync/Backup ~/Library/Application\ Support/MobileSync/BackupClose the terminal and then try an iPhone backup to see if it works. Kris Holt has been an ECT News Network writer since 2013, with a focus on gadgets and home technology. He has written for The Daily Dot, The Daily Beast, and PolicyMic, among others. He’s Scottish, so would prefer if no one used the word “soccer” in his company. Email Kris. Better Safe Than Sorrylast_img read more

CES 2017s Magic

first_imgIt’s an overall solution because it is packaged with a subscription that contains 20 licenses for security software for your PCs, smartphones and tablets. Because it uses Qualcomm’s latest technology, it’s not only a strong security solution, but also is likely one of the highest-performing routers.It will be upgradable to support a mesh network, allowing you to cover even the biggest home with WiFi. It is even pretty cool to look at, bringing back the geodesic dome and placing a halo light at the bottom for effect, so you can feel good about putting it in the open.With all of this connected stuff, we desperately need a better home security solution. With Symantec’s Norton Core, we get one — and thus it is my product of the week. Wrapping Up CES marked the coming-out party for AMD’s latest processor, now named “Ryzen.” The company showcased some of the coolest PCs I’ve ever seen at its cocktail party, and I honestly had lust in my heart for a large number of them.Most of the PCs on display were water cooled, with water blocks for the major components. Some even had coolant that looked like blood. I thought I’d entered techno geek heaven, and it was hard not to drool every time I turned around.AMD is another company that is firing on all cylinders. Expect to see some amazing hardware when these PCs hit the market in a few months. Apple for decades has rubbed Dell’s face in the fact that it builds a better creative set of products. When Apple launched the iPhone, it embarrassed all of CES by pulling virtually all attention away from the show. Well, this year, Dell got even.Dell formally launched two products, the XPS 27 and the Dell Canvas 27, which together make the iMac look like last decade’s solution. Which it kind of is if you think about it.Dell got there by bringing in a bunch of artists to help define the products. Animators, musicians and engineers worked together to create their dream tool, basically a touchscreen all-in-one with studio monitor speakers, incredible performance, and a touchscreen work surface that can transform into any digital interface the job requires.This interface can represent everything from digital musical instruments to an animator’s canvas and digital ink. It can be pretty much anything the user or an application developer could imagine.The CEO of Avid, along with an animator and a number of musicians, raved about the product at CES, and it made the latest iMac look pitiful in head-to-head comparisons. Now that’s revenge served cold. It never really occurred to me that a true home robot solution would require a family of robots, each with different skills to complete tasks around the house. A small robot to greet you at the door and patrol the home protecting it from bandits could be supplemented by larger robots that could clean and maintain the home.That approach would be far better than trying to build a single robot to do everything, which is often the science fiction solution. The idea of a family of robots, each specialized to do a series of tasks, just makes more sense — and you have to admit that living with a robot family just seems kind of cool.Given that one of the robots likely would be your autonomous car, the biggest robot could be impressively large. I should add that Panasonic showcased its idea of an autonomous car, and it was more like a rolling sitting room, with tables and chairs. If you don’t have to drive, there are likely a lot of other things you’d want to do during that time. Rob Enderle is a TechNewsWorld columnist and the principal analyst for the Enderle Group, a consultancy that focuses on personal technology products and trends. You can connect with him on Google+. One of the most impressive marketing efforts I’ve ever seen is Corning’s “A Day Made Of Glass.” It is visionary, and it not only makes you believe in a future with tons of touchscreens and smart windows, but also makes you want to live in that future.Well, Corning pulled out all the stops at CES and commissioned a car with displays all across the dash, in the steering wheel, in the doors, and even replacing the license plate. It is actually a pretty decent car — racy, electric, and apparently very fast. Sadly, I didn’t get to drive it.The Gorilla Glass Windshield is one of the most interesting parts. It not only resists nicks and scratches, as you’d expect, but it is substantially lighter, far clearer, faster to defrost, and works better with heads-up displays. Even the roof is glass — smart glass, in this case — that can be electronically shaded.The display license plate makes sense, given that it would be digitally connected to the car, arguably more secure, and could be used to broadcast a signal in the event of a stolen car or driver in distress. CES was a fascinating show this year. One of the things that made it so fascinating was that everyone and their brother had cars demonstrating one form of technology or another. It kind of makes me wonder what we’ll see at the next car show — PCs, drones, tablets and smartphones?That wasn’t the only surprise at the show, though. Nvidia, long thought of as living in Intel’s shadow, broke out, taking over the prime keynote spot in a big way and demonstrating that it has all but cornered the market for car brains.I’ll close with my product of the week, the most important product at CES. Nvidia Steps Into the Leadcenter_img Corning’s Glass Car Dell Embarrasses Apple The product that most stood out for me at CES is Norton Core, a router and security solution from Symantec. You see, with all of this connected and ever-smarter stuff, we really, really need to be secure — and our home networks are anything but.What makes the Norton Core router special is that it secures not only against outside attacks, but also against inside attacks, and it is part of an overall solution in the home. I’m writing this after midnight on my last day at the show. I’m beat, but I’m also kind of excited about the future. These products all promise a future when our homes will do much of the work, when we won’t care much about traffic because we are being entertained or sleeping and not driving, and when company turnarounds actually work.CES promises that this future not only will be amazing, but also will arrive far sooner than most expect — and I think that is very cool. Nvidia is now the fastest-growing company in the fortune 500, according to the head of CES, who opened for Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang. I don’t think many understand how amazing this is. Nvidia has long been viewed as a small player when compared to Intel. Like all of the PC companies, Nvidia bet heavy on mobile and lost badly. After its Tegra mobile platform seemed to crash and burn, many thought Nvidia was done.Then it pivoted like I’ve never seen a company pivot before. It doubled down on graphics, pushed hard on gaming, and made huge bets on deep learning and artificial intelligence — and you know what? Those bets paid off — oh man, did they ever pay off — and now Nvidia pretty much has the market cornered for self-driving cars, and it supplies a critical part of the deep learning solutions of every major IT vendor. You have to admit that is pretty impressive. AMD’s Ryzen and the Power of the Desktop Panasonic’s Robot Familylast_img read more

Inflammatory arthritis may impact intimacy sexual function for men and women

first_imgReviewed by Alina Shrourou, B.Sc. (Editor)Apr 3 2019A systematic review and analysis of published studies found consistent links between inflammatory arthritis and impacts on intimacy and sexual function for both men and women. The Arthritis Care & Research analysis included 55 studies.People living with inflammatory arthritis demonstrated a higher prevalence of sexual dysfunction compared with other individuals. For both genders, disease-related factors—including pain, fatigue, and mobility restrictions—contributed to sexual dysfunction and reduced sexual desire.Erectile dysfunction in men largely accounted for sexual dysfunction, while females experienced pressure to continue intimate relationships despite their sexual dysfunction, which caused stress in relationships for some people.”Sexual health and positive relationships are key factors in a person’s general sense of wellbeing, yet these issues are not routinely dealt with in practice. Our data suggest that consideration of the impact of inflammatory arthritis on sexual health and intimacy may be important for the holistic management of people with inflammatory arthritis,” said senior author Dr. Andrew Briggs, of Curtin University, in Australia.Source: https://newsroom.wiley.com/press-release/arthritis-care-research/inflammatory-arthritis-may-negatively-affect-intimate-relationlast_img read more

On campaign trail Joe Biden highlights nations lack of school psychologists

first_img This article was reprinted from khn.org with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent news service, is a program of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan health care policy research organization unaffiliated with Kaiser Permanente. Reviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jun 6 2019Outlining his education platform on May 28, former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden put the spotlight on an often-ignored mental health problem: kids’ access to mental health care.In a policy paper released at a town hall in Houston, Biden said, “The current school psychologist to student ratio in this country is roughly 1,400 to 1, while experts say it should be at most 700 to 1.”That matters because children’s mental health care issues are often detected in school settings. The school psychologists provide the first line of treatment and often set in motion any necessary referrals to specialists. Their role is complicated by the fact that, beyond school walls, there is a serious shortage of adolescent and child psychiatrists.It’s a problem, Biden said, given that “too many of our children are not getting the mental health care they need from a trained professional.”This talking point about school psychologist ratios suggests a glaring gap in health care services, and in an area where need is only growing.With that in mind, we decided to dig in. We reached out to Biden’s press team for comment but never heard back.A Controversial FigureBiden appears to be using a number promoted by the National Association of School Psychologists, a Washington-based trade group. That statistic comes from the organization’s 2015 membership survey, which found a 1,381-to-1 ratio of students to psychologists — which is “roughly 1,400.”But this tally is not ironclad.Though NASP sent the survey to a nationally representative sample, the requirement that participants send back responses affects the results of such a survey.”There are always limitations when you have a process of self-reporting. Those limitations are recognized,” said Eric Rossen, NASP’s director of professional development and standards. “For now, this is the best data we have. … It’s not perfect, but it’s the best there is.”There are other numbers and sources to consider, too.The Department of Education sent us its data from the 2015-16 National Teacher and Principal Survey. It found about 49 million kids enrolled in public schools, and, nationally, about 44,210 full-time psychologists employed by schools.That yields a ratio of roughly 1,115-to-1 — still nowhere near what experts say is appropriate, but slightly less stark than the 1,400 figure. This is at least in part because DOE’s survey does not differentiate between a school psychologist —a specific discipline within the field — and any other kind of psychologist a school might employ. This category could include specialties such as clinical, developmental, cognitive or child psychology, among others.The DOE tracks the extent to which schools employ guidance counselors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, speech therapists and “other professional staff.” (If one counted those, it would yield an even more favorable ratio.)Do these distinctions matter?NASP says yes, arguing that school psychologists are trained in a way that gives them specific, distinct advantages in navigating the educational system — for instance, helping teachers adapt their work to better educate kids with learning disorders — and that they better understand school-specific concerns like discipline, violence prevention and helping families adapt to a school culture.Still, it’s not a settled issue.”A school psychologist is great. I would even say a counselor, a therapist, a social worker — there are any number of potential therapists that have the skills and can detect these issues and refer,” said Dr. Brian Greenfield, a child psychiatrist who directs the emergency psychiatry service at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, and who has researched children’s mental health in the United States.Related StoriesNew network for children and youth with special health care needs seeks to improve systems of carePuzzling paralysis affecting healthy children warns CDCWhy Mattresses Could be a Health Threat to Sleeping ChildrenA Growing Need, But No One SolutionThat said, whichever number you look at, Biden’s bigger point appears true — children don’t have enough opportunities to get mental health care in schools.Biden’s 700-1 aspirational ratio also comes from an analysis by NASP, Rossum said. The group looked at previous surveys, finding that school psychologists were best able to care for students when the ratio hovered between at least 500-to-1 and 700-to-1.Both the 1,115 and 1,400 ratios mask wide national disparities. DOE’s data suggests that more than 13 million students go to school without any psychologist on staff. More than 1 million students go to schools that not only do not have a psychologist on staff, but also no guidance counselor or social worker.For its part, NASP’s data shows that in some parts of the country, the ratio can be as high as 1 school psychologist per 4,000 students.And the consequences are significant. Evidence suggests children are experiencing increased rates of mental health problems. For instance, research published in April found that the number of kids reporting suicidal thoughts in the emergency room went up significantly between 2007 and 2015. (Greenfield, the Montreal psychiatrist, co-authored that paper.)Preventive mental health care could help address this trend. Most students who receive this care get at least their first assessment in schools. And if there isn’t someone on hand to provide it, they probably go without.That said, Greenfield noted, the school psychologist is only one part of a team. Lots of school employees — teachers, guidance counselors and administrators — could be trained to notice when something is wrong. The next step is likely more crucial, he said: referring the child to a clinic or other specialized setting for mental health care. That brings its own set of challenges, like confronting the shortage of pediatric psychologists nationally.”Bravo to our politicians that have this in their heads and want to address it, but we can’t expect one school psychologist to be able to do it all, even if you increase the ratio in the school,” he said. Our RatingBiden’s specific claim about school psychologist-to-student ratios is correct, and it reflects a substantial problem for adolescent and pediatric mental health. But focusing on school psychologists alone doesn’t encompass the entire issue.And given the broader point he is making — that many kids cannot access mental health care in schools — his statement would benefit from more context.Children may not have a “school psychologist,” but may still attend a school where another kind of psychologist or mental health professional is employed. That means they can still get care from a “trained professional,” even though the provider doesn’t have the same level of specialty training.Biden’s claim is accurate but needs additional information. We rate it Mostly True.last_img read more

Researchers find way to reinvigorate exhausted immune cells and stop cancer

first_imgThe discovery of TOX as the key regulator of exhausted T cells now allows us to envision immunotherapies that target, or engineer, TOX to reverse or prevent exhaustion and improve immunity to infections or cancer.”Senior author E. John Wherry, PhD, chair of the department of Pharmacology and director of the Penn Institute of Immunology Reviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jun 18 2019The human immune system relies on a delicate balance of finely tuned cell types that keep germs and cancerous cells in check. In cancer and chronic infections this balance can be disrupted, resulting in immune system dysfunction or “exhaustion.”An important protein called TOX, which varies in amount in different immune cell types, controls the identity of the cells that become exhausted, according to researchers in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. With this knowledge, investigators now have a way to accurately identify immune cells that are exhausted in a tumor or site of an infection, which could allow clinicians to improve the effectiveness of patients’ immune response to cancer treatments by reinvigorating exhausted T cells. This work is published this week in Nature. The T cells the team studied come in three varieties and rely on efficient and coordinated transitions between different identities. Following initial activation by specific proteins, immature T cells replicate and undergo an orchestrated program of molecular rewiring to become effector T cells (TEFF), which produce inflammatory cytokines that kill offending cancer and germ cells.If an infection or tumor is cleared, most of the TEFF pool dies, but a subset persists. This set undergoes more rewiring and forms long-lived, self-renewing memory T cells (TMEM) capable of mounting a rapid recall response should an invader be detected a second time. However, during chronic infections or with cancer, when T cell stimulation is drawn out, this program of T cell differentiation is diverted and the cells becoming ineffective against the tumor or infection-;instead, they become exhausted. But, these exhausted T cells (TEX) are not totally useless. In fact, they may keep low-level germ or tumor presence in the body in check.Related StoriesHow cell-free DNA can be targeted to prevent spread of tumorsNew protein target for deadly ovarian cancerStudy reveals link between inflammatory diet and colorectal cancer riskIn this battle, Wherry likens TEX to an infantry that performs the day in and day out work of containing minor assaults, such as long-term infection by the herpes virus. On the other end of the spectrum, TEFFs are like calling in the Navy SEALs.”They get the job of containment done, and quickly, by whipping up a cytokine storm, but there is the collateral damage of an overactive inflammatory response,” Wherry said. TEX are not strong enough to cause an increased inflammatory response, and in some cases, may strike a necessary balance between partially containing an infection or tumor without causing excessive damage to the host.The longer TOX is expressed in a T cell the more permanent the TEX identity becomes. The level of TOX in a T cell dictates how an infection or tumor is contained by controlling the number of TEFF versus TEX cells. High and sustained induction of TOX results in the permanent existence of TEX, but the consequences of a restrained ability to fight invaders can be the persistence or progression of disease.The team also showed that TOX shapes cell identity by making the spools on which genes are wound in the nucleus more or less available to be translated into proteins. This ability of TOX to shape the structure of a cell’s genome via its epigenome also provides insight into why changing TEX into TEFF has been difficult with other therapies. Epigenetic changes help “lock” cells into their permanent identity, but these new findings may allow researchers to change that for future immunotherapies. Source:Penn Medicinelast_img read more

Common cold virus strain could be a breakthrough in bladder cancer treatment

first_imgTreatment strategiesIt is difficult to treat this cancer because of its location. One technique is called transurethral resection. A cutting instrument is passed through the urethra, the tube that takes urine out of the body, to remove all the visible part of the cancer. However, this has been associated with recurrence in 50% to 70% of patients. Moreover, 10% to 20% of patients develop progressive cancer over the next 2-5 years.A second treatment strategy is to stimulate the immune response to the tumor using a live bacterium called Bacille Calmette-Guerin, or BCG, which has already been widely used to confer childhood immunity to tuberculosis. However, it is ineffective in one out of three bladder cancers, while another third of patients experience severe adverse effects following its use.How CVA21 acts on bladder cancersRelated StoriesHow cell-free DNA can be targeted to prevent spread of tumorsBacteria in the birth canal linked to lower risk of ovarian cancerSugary drinks linked to cancer finds studyTypical bladder cancers lack immune cells, and are ‘cold’ with respect to the immune system. CVA21 acts by infecting cancer cells and then undergoing replication. It then bursts open the cell so that the new virus particles can escape.During this process, the coxsackie virus also activates various genes concerned with inflammation and immunity, making the tumor immunologically ‘hot’. Such tumors are less likely to grow significantly before they are eliminated by the immune system.In treated patients, the shed virus was detected in urine tested on alternate days. This proves that the virus continues to infect new cancer cells within the bladder once it has killed the cells first infected.In the current study, CVA21 was run into the bladder of 15 patients, one week before they were to have their tumors removed surgically. Of the 15, six received only the virus, while the next nine patients also got a dose of mitomycin C. This is a known chemotherapy drug, but its dosage was reduced to subtherapeutic levels. Its administration was intended to increase the expression of the molecule ICAM-1 on the surface of the cancer cells. This molecule attracts and binds the CVA21 virus and thus enhances its oncolytic activity.After the surgery, tissue biopsy samples showed that the CVA21 virus selectively attacked only the cancer cells in the bladder, while sparing all normal cells. In all cases the tumor showed bleeding and inflammation, indicating that it was being attacked by the virus.In one of the 15 patients, the tumor disappeared completely and was not found during surgery. There were no significant adverse effects or toxicities reported in any patient.The benefits of CVA21 for NIMBC immunotherapy thus include a good safety profile, selective targeting of bladder cancer cells by the virus, viral replication within the tumor cells with resulting tumor cell death, and virally-mediated tumor inflammation to induce immune attack of the tumor, all leading to its destruction.Researcher Hardev Pandha explains the motivation for the current work: “Non-muscle invasive bladder cancer requires an intrusive and often lengthy treatment plan. Current treatment is ineffective and toxic in a proportion of patients and there is an urgent need for new therapies. [With coxsackievirus] reduction of tumor burden and increased cancer cell death was observed in all patients, showing its potential effectiveness.” Journal reference:Viral targeting of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer and priming of anti-tumour immunity following intravesical Coxsackievirus A21, Nicola E Annels, David Mansfield, Mehreen Arif, Carmen Ballesteros-Merino, Guy R Simpson, Mick Denyer, Sarbjinder S Sandhu, Alan Melcher, Kevin J Harrington, BronwYn Davies, Gough Au, Mark Grose, Izhar N Bagwan, Bernard A. Fox, Richard G Vile, Hugh Mostafid, Darren Shafren and Hardev Pandha, Clin Cancer Res July 4 2019 DOI: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-18-4022, http://clincancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/early/2019/06/29/1078-0432.CCR-18-4022 By Dr. Liji Thomas, MDJul 8 2019Scientists in the UK have found a new way to treat bladder cancer, using a strain of one of the viruses that cause the common cold. The virus is called Coxsackie virus CVA21, and it was found to be oncolytic, or tumor-destroying. This new research demonstrated virus-mediated destruction of the tumor in all treated patients, and in one of them, the tumor disappeared completely. Bladder cancer, CT – Illustration Credit: Semnic / Shutterstockcenter_img Investigator Nicola Annels of the University of Surrey points out that while viruses are typically thought of in a negative sense, they can be used to enhance health and bring healing in the case of cancer cells. She says: “Oncolytic viruses such as the coxsackievirus could transform the way we treat cancer and could signal a move away from more established treatments such as chemotherapy.”In this study titled, “Viral targeting of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer and priming of anti-tumour immunity following intravesical Coxsackievirus A21”, CVA21 was used to treat 15 patients who had bladder cancer that had not yet spread into the muscular wall of the bladder. This is called non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) and is found in one out of every 10 cancer patients in the UK. About 10,000 people are found to have the disease each year.last_img read more

Amazon Starbucks pledge 25000 each to campaign for referendum on Seattle head

first_img Explore further ©2018 The Seattle Times Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC. Both Seattle-based global giants have pledged $25,000 to the “No Tax on Jobs” effort, according to a report filed Wednesday with the city’s elections commission.The report covers the campaign’s activity on May 17, the day before the business leaders went public about the effort. It lists 40 pledges, totaling more than $325,000.Vulcan, Kroger, Albertsons and Howard Wright—like Amazon and Starbucks—are listed as having made pledges of $25,000.Vulcan is Paul Allen’s real-estate company. Kroger is the parent company for QFC and Fred Meyer. Albertsons is the parent company for Safeway.Wright is the CEO of Seattle Hospitality Group and a partner in businesses that own and operate the Space Needle and the Sheraton Seattle Hotel.Other well-known Seattle companies on the pledge list include Dick’s Drive-In and supermarket Uwajimaya.The City Council voted unanimously on May 14 to adopt the tax, saying it would help Seattle address homelessness. Mayor Jenny Durkan signed it into law May 16.The tax will be $275 per Seattle employee per year for companies that gross at least $20 million annually in the city—an estimated 3 percent of businesses.Scheduled to be collected starting in 2019, the tax is expected to raise about $47 million per year through 2023.Last year’s point-in-time count—a one-night snapshot of the homeless population—tallied 11,643 people across King County. The number of people who received homeless services in 2017 was far greater than that.”Seattle’s exploding homeless population is a symptom of our city’s extraordinary economic growth and astronomical home prices,” SEIU Healthcare 1199NW, a union representing health-care workers, said in a statement last week.”The corporations who are profiting most … should rightfully pay a fair fee to address the problems they create,” the statement said.Some City Council members initially proposed a $500-per-head tax but were blocked by their colleagues and Durkan, who signaled she would veto the legislation.Though many businesses opposed the tax, Amazon heated up the debate and put pressure on the mayor by threatening to abandon some Seattle growth plans.The referendum campaign is chaired by James Maiocco, chief business development officer with Pushpay, a Redmond-based tech firm.The campaign’s secretary is Saul Spady, president of an advertising company and grandson of Dick Spady, the founder of Dick’s. No Tax on Jobs wants to put a referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot, Spady said last week.To qualify for November, the campaign needs to gather 17,632 valid signatures from registered Seattle voters by mid-June.Separate from the tax, the council passed a resolution calling for 66 percent of the tax revenue to be spent on affordable housing. Final decisions on spending for 2019 will be made when the mayor and council put together a budget this fall. Citation: Amazon, Starbucks pledge $25,000 each to campaign for referendum on Seattle head tax (2018, May 28) retrieved 18 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-05-amazon-starbucks-pledge-campaign-referendum.html Amazon and Starbucks are among companies that have promised to cut large checks to a campaign collecting signatures for a referendum on Seattle’s head tax. Seattle OKs taxing companies like Amazon to aid the homeless This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Trump seeks gathering with Big Tech firms this months

first_img © 2018 AFP Citation: Trump seeks gathering with Big Tech firms this months (2018, October 2) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-10-trump-big-tech-firms-months.html President Donald Trump has called for a meeting this month at the White House with major US technology companies as well as some critics of Silicon Valley, economic advisor Larry Kudlow said Tuesday. Kudlow told reporters the president wants to hold the session with “the big internet companies, the big social media companies, search companies, and some who are dissatisfied with those companies.”Kudlow said no date had been set but that he expects the session in mid-October.Asked if Google, Facebook and Twitter would be included, the Trump aide said, “That is our hope.”The news comes after a series of claims by Trump and his allies that Big Tech firms were biased against conservatives and suppressing conservative voices.Google, Twitter and Facebook have all denied using their platforms for political purposes and have noted that many conservatives including Trump have a strong presence on social media.Following Trump’s criticism, the US Justice Department said it would meet with state officials to discuss competition concerns and the “stifling (of) the free exchange of ideas.”The Justice Department offered no specifics but its statement suggested officials were considering an antitrust investigation or some form of regulatory action.Trump last month said in a tweet that “Social Media Giants are silencing millions of people.”Days later, he wrote: “Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. They are controlling what we can & cannot see. This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!”Tech industry analysts say there is little evidence internet firms are filtering content for political reasons, but that the companies would have constitutional protections against any government effort to regulate their algorithms. Trump says Google is ‘rigged’ with bad news about himcenter_img Explore further President Donald Trump, who has accused Big Tech firms of political bias, wants to host a meeting of major technology firms this month at the White House This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Hold the phone Huawei mistrust imperils China tech ambitions

first_imgUS officials and lawmakers have long expressed concern that China could use its tech firms to steal trade secrets—accusations Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang dismissed on Monday as “ridiculous.””These people do not provide a single (piece of) evidence to show how Huawei affects their national security,” Lu said. Fifth-generation mobile communications are the next milestone in the digital revolution, bringing near-instantaneous connectivity and vast data capacity Citation: Hold the phone: Huawei mistrust imperils China tech ambitions (2018, December 11) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-12-huawei-mistrust-imperils-china-tech.html Analysts say mounting concern over Huawei imperils its lead over the market “If Huawei is hit hard, China will lose its 5G lead.” China observers say President Xi Jinping’s more assertive global stance bears much of the blame for Huawei’s troubles.Late leader Deng Xiaoping famously observed that China’s strategy should be to “hide your strength, bide your time”, to avoid triggering a crippling foreign backlash.But Xi has dumped that, accumulating one-man power, scrapping term limits and openly declaring China’s ambition to become a high-tech power.Beijing also passed a law in 2015 obliging its corporations to aid the government on matters of national security.These moves have sparked alarm in the West, and the US has accused Chinese entities of massive cyber-attacks.”One of the biggest criticisms of Xi in China is: ‘did he take the stage too fast, did he try to push Chinese power too soon?'” said Christopher Balding, a China expert at Fulbright University in Ho Chi Minh City.”He has behaved as near-totalitarian and is acting similarly internationally and people are saying ‘we don’t like it.'” Huawei’s status as a leading world supplier of the backbone equipment for telecoms systems—mostly in developing markets—gives China an inside track China observers say President Xi Jinping’s more assertive global stance bears much of the blame for Huawei’s troubles Explore further China’s ambitious drive to dominate next-generation 5G technology faces a sudden reality check as fears spread that telecom companies like Huawei could be proxies for Beijing’s intrusive security apparatus. Fifth-generation mobile communications are the next milestone in the digital revolution, bringing near-instantaneous connectivity and vast data capacity.They will enable the widespread adoption of futuristic technologies such as artificial intelligence and automated cars and factories—advances China is desperate to lead.With 5G’s rollout expected to gain pace in coming years, the race to dominate standards and control security and data traffic underpins much of the current high-tech rivalry between the United States and China, technology experts said.Huawei’s status as a leading world supplier of the backbone equipment for telecoms systems—mostly in developing markets—gives China an inside track.But analysts said mounting concern over Huawei imperils that lead.”This is a big threat because if Huawei loses access to lucrative Western markets, this will impact its ability to grow and finance R&D,” said Paul Triolo, a global technology policy expert with risk consultancy Eurasia Group.It also could hinder the deployment of 5G networks in China, which are “a key piece of China’s overall effort to upgrade its industrial base”, he added. The US defence establishment fears China’s dominance of critical 5G infrastructure could enable it to disrupt American military communications or otherwise wage asymmetrical warfare in a confrontation.Triolo warned of potentially disastrous fallout for China if US law-enforcement efforts—in the spotlight after the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in Canada—result in a ban on sales of US chips and other vital technology to Huawei.”This could be catastrophic for China’s tech ambitions, threatening (Huawei) itself, supporting industries, and future development,” he said.Burglar with a keyNew Zealand recently joined Australia and the US in essentially barring use of Huawei equipment in domestic networks. Following Meng’s arrest on December 1, similar sentiments have arisen from Tokyo to Brussels.On Monday, Kyodo news agency reported Japan’s top three telecom companies would forego equipment from Huawei and another big Chinese player, ZTE. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2018 AFP Distrust of Huawei stems in part from the background of founder Ren Zhengfei, a 74-year-old former People’s Liberation Army engineer.The US has already put the squeeze on ZTE, which faced insolvency earlier this year after the Trump administration temporarily banned American companies from selling it vital components.Huawei has secured many leading 5G patents and supplied networking equipment for telecom systems around the world that will inevitably carry huge amounts of US data, putting that information at potential risk.”One way to envision (the threat) is to imagine the person who built your house decides to burgle it,” James Lewis, a technology policy expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, wrote in an analysis last week.”They know the layout, power system, access points, (and) may have kept a key.”‘We don’t like it’But US firms like Intel and Qualcomm produce the advanced chips critical for 5G, giving Washington huge sway over Huawei, which depends heavily on those technologies.If the US cuts off Huawei’s chip supply and further isolates the company, the blow “will be huge, bigger than ZTE”, said Shi Yinhong, an expert on China-US relations at Beijing’s Renmin University. Under fire Huawei agrees to UK security demands: reportlast_img read more

Govt will soon make Aadhaardriving licence linking mandatory Ravi Shankar Prasad

first_imgUnion Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said the government will soon make it mandatory for linking Aadhaar with driving licences.Delivering his presidential address at the ongoing 106th Indian Science Congress at Lovely Professional University here, the minister for Law, Electronics and Information Technology said, “We are soon going to bring a law which will make it mandatory to link Aadhaar with driving licence.” “At presently, what happens is that the guilty person who causes an accident flees the scene and gets a duplicate licence. This helps him go scot-free. However, with the Aadhaar linkage you can change your name but you cannot change your biometrics, neither iris nor fingerprints. So the moment you go in for a duplicate licence, the system will say this person already has a driving licence and should not be given a new one,” said Prasad, explaining the need for the linkage.Eulogising about the Centre’s ‘Digital India’ programme, the minister claimed that it had bridged the urban-rural divide.Through a power presentation, Prasad said, “This is digital profile of India — 123 crore Aadhaar cards,121 crore mobile phones, 44.6 crore smart phones, 56 crore internet users, there has been 51 per cent growth in e-commerce. There is 130 crore population in India.” He also said digital payment transactions in the country have increased manifold to over Rs 2,070 crore in 2017-18.LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal, Punjab BJP President Shwait Malik and Phagwara MLA Som Parkash were also present on the occasion. aadhaar COMMENTS Eulogising about the Centre’s ‘Digital India’ programme, the minister claimed that it had bridged the urban-rural divide January 06, 2019 Railways to accept digital Aadhaar, driving licence as ID proofs New offline verification tools, non-intrusive methods to be introduced RELATED SHARE identification technology SHARE SHARE EMAIL Published on COMMENTlast_img read more

BJP to revive plan to resettle Hindu minorities in KashmirBJP to revive

first_imgJammu and Kashmir SHARE SHARE EMAIL India’s ruling party will revive a plan to build secured camps to resettle scores of Hindus in the Muslim-dominated Kashmir Valley, a senior leader said, a proposal that would almost certainly heighten tensions in the restive region.Ram Madhav, who is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national general secretary responsible for Kashmir, said his party was committed to helping bring back some of the estimated 200,000-300,000 Hindus who fled the Kashmir Valley in the aftermath of an armed revolt that began in 1989.The scenic mountain region is divided between India, which rules the populous Kashmir Valley and the Hindu-dominated Jammu region, and territory in the west that is controlled by Pakistan. The rival nations both claim the region in full.“Their fundamental rights of returning to the valley have to be respected. At the same time, we have to provide them proper security,” Madhav said in an interview, referring to the Kashmiri Hindus, also known as Pandits.Read also: ’Kashmiri Pandits to take up genocide of community at UN, world forums’Nearly 7 million people live in the Kashmir Valley, 97 per cent of them Muslim, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of Indian troops and armed police deployed to quell an uprising against New Delhi’s rule. About 50,000 people have been killed in the conflict in the last three decades, according to official figures.Madhav said that a previous BJP-backed government in Jammu and Kashmir state had considered building either separate or mixed resettlement townships, but had been unable to make headway. “No consensus could be built around any one view,” he said.The construction of segregated enclaves has little or no support from the region’s local political parties, Muslim leadership and groups representing the Hindus who fled.Read more: No one can separate Kashmir from India till BJP exists: Amit ShahThe home ministry, which would be involved in any such building activity in the Kashmir Valley, did not respond to a request for comment.A blueprint unveiled by the state government in 2015 had proposed self-contained, heavily guarded colonies for returning Pandits, complete with schools, shopping malls, hospitals and playgrounds.Separatist groups in the region had opposed the project, with some likening it to Israeli settlements within Palestinian territories.The plan eventually stalled, particularly after the BJP’s alliance with a major regional party collapsed in June 2018, leading to the state coming under New Delhi’s direct rule. New state elections are likely before the end of the year.After State pollThe BJP is confident that it will win the upcoming state poll, Madhav said, adding that the resettlement plan would be back in play.“I am sure when we come back to power, we will again take it up and try and see if a solution can be found,” he said.Unlike the last time, the BJP isn’t looking to come to power through alliances, Madhav said, freeing itself of major regional parties that represent the region’s Muslims.The issue of Hindu resettlement in Kashmir has long been on the agenda of the BJP, but appears to have received fresh impetus after the party’s second successive general election victory in May.The BJP won 303 out of 542 seats on offer, handing Prime Minister Narendra Modi another five-year term in the Hindu majority nation.After living side-by-side with Kashmiri Muslims for centuries, Pandits fled for safety after a sharp rise in killings and attacks by Muslim militants when the insurgency flared in 1989.One of the largest migrations since India’s independence from Britain in 1947, many Pandits settled in refugee camps around Jammu. Only around 800 Pandit families now remain in the Kashmir Valley, according to some estimates.Caged zoneBut there is widespread opposition to any push for separate townships for returning Hindus in the Kashmir Valley, ranging from separatists to Kashmiri Pandit leaders.Sanjay Tickoo, a Pandit community leader who has continued to live in Kashmir, said the idea of building exclusive settlements with enhanced security was an unrealistic solution that would invite a backlash.“Is it possible to live in a caged manner, in a caged zone, with security?” he said. “I have to move out of that township, I have to work, I have to earn. I cannot get everything in that township.”The All Parties Hurriyat Conference, the unified separatist movement in Kashmir, met some Kashmiri Pandits last month and found that there was a consensus against separate settlements, its chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said.“If you put them in separate colonies, in settlements and under barbed wire, that kills the whole purpose of trying to build, again, a community, which is based on mutual trust and respect,” Farooq, also considered the regions spiritual leader by many Kashmiri Muslims, said in an interview in Srinagar.Leaders from the National Conference and People’s Democratic Party, the two main regional parties in Kashmir, said they supported the return of Hindus but were opposed to separate townships. July 12, 2019 A file photo of gatherings of displaced Kashmiri Hindus. Leaders from the National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party, the two main regional parties in Kashmir, supports the return of Hindus but were opposed to separate townships.   –  REUTERS Published on SHAREcenter_img COMMENT terrorism (crime) COMMENTS 0 The Kashmiri Pandits fled for safety after a sharp rise in killings and attacks by Muslim militants when the insurgency flared in 1989.last_img read more

AP govt announces new farmer support scheme

first_imgSHARE COMMENT Scheme to offer farmers annual investment support of Rs 12,500 each The new Andhra Pradesh government has announced a new farmer support scheme, christened YSR Rythu Bharosa, that will be implemented from October 15 in the state, offering investment support of Rs 12,500 per annum per farmer. The scheme announced by the previous TDP government, named Annadaata Sukhibhava, is being scrapped.The announcement was made at Amaravati on Thursday after a review on agriculture conducted by the new Chief Minister, Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy. It may be recalled that Annadaata Sukhibhava scheme, offering financial assistance of Rs 15,000 per annum per farmer, was announced by the Telugu Desam Party in its election manifesto. The scheme also includes a component of central assistance of Rs 6,000, then announced by the Central Government.The YSR Congress announced in its election manifesto that Rs 12,500 per annum per farmer would be given, and though it is less than that offered by the TDP, the party would also free crop insurance and interest-free loans to farmers.These issues came up for discussion at the review meeting on Thursday and the new Chief Minister left instructions with the officials that stern steps should be taken to control the menace of spurious seeds in the state. Stern action should be taken against companies and dealers selling spurious seeds and pesticides, he instructed the officials. If necessary, the state government would come up with a new act to curb such malpractices.He also asked the officials to formulate guidelines and prepare the ground for setting up a price stabilisation fund (Rs 3,000 crores) to help farmers in the state. Published on June 06, 2019 SHARE SHARE EMAIL COMMENTS Andhra Pradesh farmerslast_img read more

Fighters fight on for survival after KL knockout

first_img Football 08 Jul 2019 City Boys desperate to get out of relegation zone Felda are now second from bottom in the 12-team table with 15 points after 19 matches.Nidzam said the Fighters needed positive results in the three remaining matches against PKNP, Pahang and Kedah to improve their position.Meanwhile, Kuala Lumpur’s acting coach Roslee Mohd Derus admitted their chances of staying in the Super League next season appeared slim, but he was still optimistic about getting the results in their last two matches against league champions Johor Darul Ta’zim and Perak.“It’s hard but we have to keep going and hope for a miracle in the two remaining matches. “We’ll see what happens,” said Roslee.KL are bottom with only 14 points after 20 matches. – Bernama {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} Football 11 Jul 2019 Tusk the strikers! KUALA LUMPUR: Felda United are still on track to remain in the Super League after scoring a 2-0 win over Kuala Lumpur at the Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium in Cheras. Coach Mohd Nidzam Jamil admitted it was a meaningful win for the relegation battlers on Wednesday and attributed it to his coaching line-up. Nidzam has taken time off to attend the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) professional training coaching course that ends on July 17.“I would like to thank my assistant coaches for taking care of the team in my absence and will continue to do the planning with the team until I return,” said Nidzam. center_img Related News Related News Football 07 Jul 2019 Super League: Selangor beat Felda United 2-1last_img read more

Greece recognises Venezuelas Guaido in line with EU

first_img Related News World 08 Jul 2019 Venezuela’s Maduro ratifies Padrino as defence minister Related News ATHENS (Reuters) – Greece will follow the European Union’s line and recognise Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday, in an about-face after the new conservative government took power.”The government of the Hellenic Republic warmly supports the EU’s efforts … aimed at reaching a peaceful, democratic solution to the crisis for the benefit of the Venezuelan people,” the ministry said.Greece’s previous leftist-led government had refrained from recognising Guaido, who in January proclaimed a rival presidency in Venezuela until a new election could be held, in a challenge to president Nicolas Maduro.Maduro, who took office in 2013 after the death of his mentor Hugo Chavez, has overseen an economic collapse that has left swathes of once-wealthy Venezuela without reliable access to power, water, food and medicines.–– ADVERTISEMENT –– {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}center_img World 11 Jul 2019 Putin says he hopes Venezuela talks will normalise situation Most Western nations have said Maduro’s reelection last year was rigged. (Reporting by George Georgiopoulos; Editing by Janet Lawrence) World 11 Jul 2019 Norway says Venezuela opposition and government talks to continuelast_img read more