Ja’neh Resists Nagbe

first_imgAssociate Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh fate to be decided on Thursday, February 14, 2019.What should have been deliberations to establish whether the other four Justices of the Supreme Court should reject the decision by  majority members of the Lower House to impeach one of their colleagues, Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh turned sour yesterday when Ja’neh’s lawyers challenged the competence of Associate Justice Joseph Nagbe to serve on the panel of Justices to hear the case.Prior to his accession to the Supreme Court Bench, Nagbe was serving as Senator from Sinoe County when the then Chambers Justice, Associate Justice Sie-A-Nyene Yuoh, on August 18, imposed a stay order on the impeachment proceedings of Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh.It was against this backdrop that Ja’neh’s lawyers on Thursday, October 18, while arguing their request for the Justices to lift the stay order and, in return, place a permanent Writ of Prohibition to prevent the lawmakers from proceeding  with their planned impeachment, called on Justice Nagbe to recuse (step aside) himself from the proceedings.No member of the House of Representatives was present at yesterday’s deliberations. The drama took place in the Joint Chambers of the Supreme Court where four of the five justices, excluding Ja’neh who had earlier recused himself, were seated in readiness to listen to legal arguments when one of Ja’neh’s lawyers, Arthur Johnson, challenged the legal competence of Nagbe to sit on the case because of possible conflict of interest or lack of impartiality.During yesterday’s proceedings, Justice Nagbe challenged his colleague’s (Ja’neh) call for his recusal on grounds that he had done nothing wrong to warrant his recusal. “For any recusal, based on conflict of interest concerns, a judge may have earlier participated in the matter, but Ja’neh’s request was based on perception and assumption,” Nagbe insisted.“I thought that Ja’neh brought evidence of my role as a senator on record or on the radio that I had provided consultation on his impeachment. Since there was no proof about that, I will not recuse myself,” Nagbe maintained.According to Justice Nagbe, the legislature has two houses, Senate and Representative and each of them has the right to formulate its own rules in consonance with the Constitution.“The House of Representatives begins the formulation of the bill of impeachment but there should be evidence before they can start the process to the exclusion of the House of Senate,” Justice Nagbe said.Nagbe said further that the House of Senate by law should try the impeachment proceedings. ”We did not start the hearing of Ja’neh’s impeachment when I left my post as a Senator of Sinoe County. I did not play any part directly or indirectly, so I find it very difficult and reject the request for my recusal from further hearing of the matter.”Nagbe contended “I have done nothing to warrant my recusal and so I will not step-down from Ja’neh’s impeachment hearing at the Supreme Court as one of the justices.” Prior to that, Ja’neh’s lawyer Johnson argued that since Nagbe was a member of the legislature at the time Ja’neh’s impeachment proceedings began, he had daily interaction with some of the lawmakers who had called for Ja’neh’s impeachment.“Justice Nagbe held discussions with the lawmakers about Ja’neh’s impeachment and so he should recuse himself from hearing the matter,” Cllr. Johnson contended.Shortly afterward, Cllr. Daku Mulbah, the Solicitor General, who represented the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) at the argument, rejected Ja’neh’s call for Nagbe’s recusal.The ministry is not a party to the Ja’neh and lawmakers saga, but it was invited by the Supreme Court in the interest of the law since the lawmakers refused to attend the hearing.“Ja’neh did not produce any legal fact to substantiate his accusation that Justice Nagbe participated in any discussions about Ja’neh’s impeachment. This is just a mere assumption and perception and the court should not give it credence,” Mulbah contended.Justifying his statement, Cllr. Mulbah said the temporary prohibition was filed by the Chambers Justice against the House of Representatives and not the entire legislature. “Nagbe was not a member of the House of Representatives, but he was at the Senate so, how would they say he was a party to the impeachment of Justice Ja’neh,” he wondered.“It was the House of Representatives that prepared the bill of impeachment in keeping with the law and the Senate to which Nagbe was a member should have conducted the trial which did not happen when Nagbe was appointed and subsequently confirmed as Associate Justice, so he has done nothing wrong for his recusal,” Mulbah maintained.Meanwhile, the Supreme Court yesterday reserved the ruling for Monday, October 22, as to whether Nagbe should recuse himself from the Ja’neh hearing.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Revealed! Top nine Prem goal scorers including FOUR LFC and CFC stars, plus Man United, Arsenal, Spurs and City strikers

first_img 9 9 8. Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool) – PL goals per game ratio of 0.41 – In 153 games, Sturridge has scored 63 goals for and with his return to full fitness still to come, expect this figure to continue rising. 9 Joint 4th. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) – PL goals per game ratio of 0.45 – In 413 games, the Red Devils skipper has netted 186 goals. Will England ever see another player like Rooney again? 9 9 9 9. Wilfried Bony (Manchester City) has a Premier League goals per game ratio of 0.39, the ninth best in the top flight – to find out which players have the best strike rates in the Premier League, click the arrow above – In 69 Premier League games, the Ivorian has netted 27 goals – with the majority of these finishes coming from his time at Swansea City. 9 3. Christian Benteke (Liverpool) – PL goals per game ratio of 0.46 – In 95 games, the Belgian has hit the back of the net 44 times. With such a record during his spell in England, can he become a Liverpool great? 9 Daniel Sturridge showed Liverpool supporters what they have been missing for the past 18 months with a brace against Aston Villa at the weekend.Following his two goals, stats revealed that the England international is the most prolific striker for Liverpool in the Premier League era – boasting a better goals per game ratio than former Reds heroes Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez and Michael Owen.In light of his stunning Anfield record, talkSPORT has unearthed the best Premier League goals per game ratios of current Premier League players, taking into account goals scored for any club (that is, not just those registered with a player’s current side).And with Christian Benteke joining Sturridge in the top nine, Reds supporters should be even more excited at the prospect of an Anfield goal glut, particularly with the latter still yet to return to full fitness.Find out the top nine by clicking the yellow arrow, right, above.All statistics correct up to 28 September 2015 7. Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) – PL goals per game ratio of 0.42 – In 104 games, the Frenchman has hit the back of the net on 44 occasions. Sadly for the striker, Theo Walcott looks to have taken his place as the first choice centre forward. 1. Diego Costa (Chelsea) – PL goals per game ratio of 0.66 – In just 32 games, Costa has found the back of the net on 21 occasions. He was sorely missed during Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with Newcastle, but he is yet to find his scoring boots this season. 6. Loic Remy (Chelsea) – PL goals per game ratio of 0.43 – In 63 games, Remy has scored 27 goals. With Radamel Falcao having joined Chelsea in the summer, the former QPR and Newcastle United striker’s playing time could dwindle even further, and he’ll struggle to maintain his impressive goals per game ratio. 2. Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) – PL goals per game ratio of 0.62 – In 127 goals, the Argentine has scored 79 goals. Despite an uninspired start to the season from Aguero, defenders must surely fear few other strikers. Joint 4th. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur) – PL goals per game ratio of 0.45 – In 55 games, Kane has scored 25 goals. Despite these impressive stats, his form this season suggests he could quickly fall down this list. 9last_img read more

Giants’ top pitching prospect to make MLB debut against Blue Jays

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — The wait is over for the top pitching prospect in the Giants’ organization.The club announced that right-hander Shaun Anderson will start and make his major league debut on Wednesday at Oracle Park against the Toronto Blue Jays.Anderson, 24, owns a 4.11 ERA in seven starts at Triple-A Sacramento and is ranked as the No. 4 prospect and the top pitcher in the Giants’ farm system according to MLB.com. Anderson spent much of spring training in big league camp with the Giants and …last_img read more

Butler shuts out Blues through eight, Crabs win

first_imgIf there has been one bright spot for the Humboldt Crabs thus far in 2019, it has been the performance of pitcher Davonte Butler.After seeing his Crabs give up 14 hits and 13 runs in Friday’s 13-1 loss to the visiting San Luis Obispo Blues, Butler responded by shuttering the same Blues lineup.Through eight innings of work Butler shutout the Blues, limiting the club to one hit while striking out five during his time on the mound as the Crabs beat the Blues 4-0 Saturday afternoon at the Arcata …last_img read more

Psych-Man Fraud Exposed

first_imgA popular social psychologist in the Netherlands has been exposed of committing “fraud on an astonishing scale,” forging data in dozens of scientific papers for nearly a decade.  The exposè doesn’t just destroy his reputation.  The fraud will cause “huge damage,” said Susan Fiske, a social psychologist at Princeton University,” because “His work is very central—or was.”Diederik Stapel reported experiments he never conducted, manipulated data, and even made it up, according to Gretchen Vogel in Science this week (4 November 2011: Vol. 334 no. 6056 p. 579, DOI: 10.1126/science.334.6056.579).  The ripple effect of his fraud tainted the PhD theses of 14 students he supervised.  Some of his students were given data to analyze but never conducted an experiment.  Ironically, “Stapel’s studies encompassed a broad range of attention-catching topics, including how a position of power influences moral thinking.”  Having set such a bad example in that regard, he admitted “he ‘failed as a scientist’ and is ashamed of his actions.”How could this level of fraud go unnoticed for so long?  Ewen Calloway, writing for Nature, said “When colleagues called the work of Dutch psychologist Diederik Stapel too good to be true, they meant it as a compliment” (Nature 479, 15, 1/5/2011, doi:10.1038/479015a).  Maybe they wanted it to be true.  He was a “wunderkind” in his field, “highly published, highly cited, prize-winning, worked with lots of people, and very well thought of in the field.”  Medical Xpress added that Stapel also appeared on TV chat shows as a social psychology expert.  Some 30 papers are known to be faked, with others expected.  Stapel faces prosecution for his misdeeds.New Scientist said this is one of the worst cases of scientific misconduct on record. Not only is Stapel ashamed; the social psychologists who were duped are ashamed. The article quoted the reaction of social psychologist Laura King (University of Missouri): “This is absolutely horrifying. We are talking about research that has major impact in the field of social cognition.”Update 11/28/2012:  A year later, Stapel apologized (see Medical Xpress), saying he had failed as a scientist, was sorry for the fraud he inflicted, and that the truth would have been better off without him.  The article stated that during his heyday he had been the “darling” of the psychology establishment.Update 11/29/2012:  Science Insider reported in more detail on Stapel’s apology, but stressed that the investigative report points out bigger problems: “They paint an image of a ‘sloppy’ research culture in which some scientists don’t understand the essentials of statistics, journal-selected article reviewers encourage researchers to leave unwelcome data out of their papers, and even the most prestigious journals print results that are obviously too good to be true.”  The article includes a link to the investigative report and quotes portions of it.There are bad apples in any field, and it appears Stapel acted alone in his deceit.  But in social psychology, this was a disaster waiting to happen.  According to the New Scientist article, the field is sometimes attacked for “sexy” studies “likely to titillate the media.”  Of course, we know that is the ONLY field of SCIENCE with THAT problem (9/8/2011).  Hart Blanton, an insider from the University of Connecticut, let the cat out of the bag: “‘Our field is one where a great deal of currency is placed on surprising you,’ says Blanton, who is concerned about a dynamic that encourages researchers to progress from ‘counter-intuitive to cute, to provocative, to “defies gravity”’.”  Of course, that is the ONLY field of SCIENCE with THAT problem (9/20/2011).What qualifies as a “science,” anyway?  How did social psychology ever get in the tent?  The word science stands for too little, because it attempts to stand for too much.  If you follow some vague “method” (consistency not required), know how to decorate it with some mathematical symbols, and publish in so-called scientific journals of some sort, you might be welcomed into the tent as a card-carrying “scientist” along with your snake-oil booth.  Remember that Stapel said he failed as a scientist, not as a preacher, teacher or charlatan.  We would like to assume that other scientists are skeptical of their colleagues, but look how many in this field were astonished – even horrified – that they, too, had been duped.An important take-home lesson from this fraud is that science, no matter how you define it, requires morality. The Medical Xpress article spoke with irony about how Stapel published papers about “how people in positions of power can have their moral compass go askew.”  Stapel acknowledged a moral compass exists, but didn’t calibrate his very well.  Exercise:  Describe how a scientist should calibrate his or her own moral compass.  Explain whether the calibration standard can evolve or not.(Visited 43 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Crops worth ₹150 crore destroyed in Maharashtra floods

first_imgThe loss of crops due to floods in the State has been put at ₹125 crore, according to preliminary assessment by the government. Even as the exact extent of the damage will be known only after flood waters have fully receded, senior officials said around 27,468 hectare of agriculture land has been completely destroyed. This could even cross one lakh hectares when the panchnama is complete, senior officials said. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said on Saturday that the total length of road damaged is 484 km, while 2,615 transformers were damaged partially or fully. The destruction to agriculture land will cross over 1.5 lakh hectares, state Minister of Employment Guarantee and Horticulture of Maharashtra, Jaydutt Kshirsagar said on Saturday. Chief Secretary of the state Ajoy Mehta too has confirmed that crops across one lakh hectares could be affected. The State horticulture department has said they are drawing up the estimates with the help of satellite images, and the panchnama has been started with the help of Department of Revenue and Agriculture. “We expect major damage of agriculture crop to spread across 11 districts, while the centre of the destruction is Kolhapur where 30% of this damaged crop is located,” said an official of the Department of Revenue and Agriculture.Mr. Fadnavis said the government will not only compensate damaged crops but also help in removing silt from the farms, and provide assistance of ₹13,000 per hectare to the farmers. The work will be assisted by many organisations like Art of Living, Siddhivinayak temple, and Pandharpur temple, who have promised to come forward to help, he said.last_img read more


first_imgUpdated 1:10pm 7/18/18 by Woody GottburgA grain bin accident Tuesday night has claimed the life of a Plymouth County farmer.Fire and rescue units were dispatched to 44787 230th Street, about six miles south of Remsen at 7:21 p.m.The Plymouth County Sheriff says 65-year-old Lee Grage of rural Remsen died in the accident.Emergency responders spent more than three hours recovering the victim’s body from the 40 foot grain bin that was filled with corn.One of the responding firefighters was transported to the hospital for heat exhaustion.–last_img read more

a month agoMan Utd release statement to assure supporters of club’s ambitions

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Man Utd release statement to assure supporters of club’s ambitionsby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United have released a statement to assure supporters of the club’s ambitions.In a statement issued to a fans’ forum earlier this month, United sought to assure supporters that on-field success comes before commercial deals for them.A United statement read: “Everyone at the club, from the owners down, is focused on competing for and winning trophies at the highest level. “To do that we have invested heavily in the playing squad and will continue to do so.”At the same time, the exciting pool of talent coming through from our youth and academy sections is a result of increased investment in this area over the last five years. It’s important to note that while our successful commercial operation helps drive that investment, the priority is the focus on achieving success on the pitch.”Similarly, it is worth noting that we are not looking at or buying players based on their commercial appeal. We agree that recruitment is critical. We are committed to getting this right and there has been huge investment in this area to put our recruitment department into a position to be able to deliver the manager the players he wants. This process is significantly more effective than four or five years ago.” last_img read more

Texas Fan Pens ‘Thank You’ Letter To Notre Dame Fans For Their “Remarkable Hospitality”

first_imgFans cheer on the Texas Longhorns against the Louisiana Monroe Warhawks.AUSTIN, TX – SEPTEMBER 5: Fans cheer on the Texas Longhorns against the Louisiana Monroe Warhawks on September 5, 2009 at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)Texas Longhorns fans who made the trek up to Notre Dame, Indiana, weren’t thrilled with the result from the game this past Saturday. But at least one UT supporter still had great things to say about the Fighting Irish and their fan base. A Texas fan named Terry Bader penned a cool ‘thank you’ letter to Notre Dame and its fans for their “remarkable hospitality” this past weekend. It was published by The Observer Thursday morning. The school tweeted out a photo of the letter – check it out:A Texas Longhorn fan wrote a thank you letter to The Observer. Well done, Irish fans READ: http://t.co/ppS4VslodZ pic.twitter.com/OxKfDSphqQ— The Fighting Irish (@FightingIrish) September 10, 2015It’s a refreshing story – especially considering we typically only hear tales on the other end of the spectrum. Well-done to all involved here.last_img read more

Yellowknife introduces 10 year plan to reduce homelessness in Yellowknife

first_imgCharlotte Morritt-Jacobs APTN National NewsYellowknife has adopted a ten-year plan to end homelessness.The number of people who live on the city’s streets is already high – and is growing.But will the implementation of this new strategy make a difference?cmorrittjacobs@aptn.calast_img