More Marvel Podcasts Wed Listen to After Wolverine The Long Night

first_img Not satisfied conquering the realms of comics and cinema, Marvel has recently turned its attention to another new medium ripe for superhero serialized storytelling. Marvel and Stitcher just wrapped up the first season of Wolverine: The Long Night, a podcast that’s basically a moody hard-boiled radio drama starring everyone’s favorite angry Canadian mutant.At ten 30-minutes episode, Wolverine: The Long Night is quite easy to binge. The story, from writer Benjamin Percy, is a very grounded and textured story about a depressed Alaskan town oppressed by Aurora Borealis cults, local oligarchs, and mysterious murders. Logan and the more fantastical X-Men elements surrounding him flow in and out of the story like ghosts in the grand Marvel tradition of superheroes appearing in our own real world.Wolverine: The Long Night also takes advantage of the podcast form in clever ways. The voice acting is top notch, headlined by baritone Hobbit star Richard Armitage as Logan. But the sound design and Foley work, captured by next-gen microphones, does wonders for the immersion. It’s the sounds you take for granted, like casual footsteps and fidget spinners and lapping waves and radio distortion, that get so much love here. Characters themselves also frequently have to rely on senses our than sight to find out the truth.Wolverine: The Long Night’s conclusion certainly sets up more, and wilder, adventures in a Marvel Podcast Universe. But while we’re waiting to see (and hear) if that ever comes to fruition, here are some ideas for other Stitcher Marvel podcasts we’d like to listen to.View as: One Page Slides1/91. The PulseThe Marvel Podcast Universe absolutely needs a show that’s just reporting on general news from a world filled with superheroes. And we already got a comic book series doing this in the form of Brian Michael Bendis’ The Pulse, a Daily Bugle column about superheroes. Characters like Jessica Jones, Robbie Robertson, and J. Jonah freaking Jameson have the voices and personalities big enough to be entertaining radio journalists.2. Doctor Strange’s Guided MeditationDoctor Strange’s mystic arts are all about spiritual transcendence. Close your eyes and listen in order to truly see in this self-help podcast for conjuring your own magic, or just feeling more relaxed in the workplace. Strange spouting his trademark nonsense in your ear like “Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth” and “Ymir’s Frosty Beard” would make the ASMR crowd drop dead from pleasure. Maybe loop in Iron Fist and Daredevil as guest hosts, for different yet equally obvious reasons.3. Radio Free WakandaDon’t even pretend that Wakanda doesn’t have the dopest radio stations ever to grace the planet. Turn the dial however you want and you’ll find pure gold. Vibranium life hacks? Incredible fashion advice? Underground Wakandan hip-hop bands? The Black Panther’s daily address? Just give me a podcast that let’s me pretend I’m a citizen of this great nation please. Even as a being made of pure sound, Klaw can’t compete with this.4. The Future FoundationPodcasts like Radiolab prove listeners are curious to learn more about science during their morning commute. And who better from the Marvel universe to teach us about science than Mr. Fantastic himself, Reed Richards, who could frankly stand to rebrand himself as a friendly, Bill Nye type. Other members of the Fantastic Four would of course show up as well, but keep the Future Foundation name as it sounds much cooler.5. The Captain’s American History HourAfter being frozen for decades during one of the most transformative eras of American history, Steve Rogers has a lot of catching up to do. But being the selfless hero he is, he’s inviting you the listener (and Bucky) to join him on this educational journey learning about what happened to the land he sacrificed so much for. We can’t wait for the episode where Captain America reads about the CIA inventing crack.6. I Am Iron ManUnlike so many Marvel superheroes, Tony Stark has no issue with being completely transparent about his life as Iron Man. He flaunts it. He would absolutely have a podcast talking about how cool and rich and smart he is. He probably builds livestreaming tech into the latest Iron Man helmets. Add in some other Avengers as interview subjects and this would basically be WTF with Marc Maron with capes.7. HydraWarsIn the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was eventually revealed that Nazi-offshoot Hydra had been secretly controlling and destabilizing the world for decades. So you know once that news broke conspiracy theorists went off the deep end. It was bad enough when alien gods became a real thing. Take the craziest rantings and ravings of the Alex Jones type dudes in the general Marvel population and pump it directly into my ears.8. Get Nuts With Squirrel GirlTo truly represent podcasting as an art form, we absolutely need a Comedy Bang Bang-style improv comedy show starring Marvel characters. This is where we think Squirrel Girl would thrive. Listen to studio technicians wrangle squirrels in the recording booth. Hear whatever wacky characters and sketch ideas Doreen and friends can come up with. Dunk on Doctor Doom, Thanos, Galactus, and every other villain Squirrel Girl has canonically defeated every week.9. Star-Lord’s Awesome MixesPeter Quill’s mixtape volumes on endless loop. That’s it.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Director Explains Thanos’ Faceoff With Captain America‘Marvels’ Expands Marvel’s Podcast Universe last_img read more