India to Receive INS Vikramaditya on December 4

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today India to Receive INS Vikramaditya on December 4 View post tag: Navy Industry news View post tag: India View post tag: Naval March 7, 2012 View post tag: INS View post tag: News by topic India to Receive INS Vikramaditya on December 4 View post tag: December View post tag: receive Share this article View post tag: 4 Aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya (former Russian aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Gorshkov) will be delivered to Indian Navy on Dec 4, 2012, reports ITAR-TASS referring to a source in defense industry.“The carrier’s sea trials will start on May 29, and in accordance with the contract terms the ship will be handed over to India on December 4”, said the source.As was reported earlier, sea trials of the carrier will take place in the Barents Sea within two or three weeks. Then will come 3.5-month air wing tests.[mappress]Naval Today Staff , March 07, 2012; Image: funfix View post tag: Vikramadityalast_img read more

Ball State class studies spooks in movies, novels, cartoons

first_imgMuncie, IN— A class of Ball State University students is seeing ghosts all over the place — from timeless episodes of the cartoon “Scooby Doo” to Shirley Jackson’s novel “The Haunting of Hill House” — as they create a journal dedicated to ghouls in American culture.Led by Debbie Mix, an English professor, students are working to educate themselves about the scholarship on haunting and examining why ghosts and spooky stories play a major role in American culture.So far this semester, they’ve immersed themselves in reading a variety of theoretical pieces alongside novels, including Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House,” which has been adapted as a series on Netflix;  Toni Morrison’s novel “Beloved,”  and Tony Kushner’s play “Angels in America,” along with eating popcorn as they view a smattering of television shows and good (and bad) movies.And on the occasional night with a full moon, the students are visiting haunted houses and graveyards to add a hint of fear to the next edition of the English department’s “Digital Literature Review.”   Mix also pointed out that ghosts are powerful ways to allow writers to create stories that allow the characters to work out issues or talk about their own fears. For more information about Ball State’s Department of English, click here.last_img read more

Dangerous turn into graveyard sparks call for safety measures

first_imgThere have been calls for new safety measures on the road opposite Conwal Graveyard to protect mourners accessing the site.The turn for the graveyard outside Letterkenny has been labelled as a dangerous junction due to the lack of signage and lanes on the busy road.Cllr Jimmy Kavanagh called on the Letterkenny Milford Municipal District council to examine the issue and explore the possibility of widening the section of the road. The call follows an accident where a young couple’s car was hit as they attempted to turn into the graveyard entrance.“It’s amazing someone wasn’t killed,” Cllr Kavanagh told the local council meeting.In seconding the motion, Cllr Michael McBride added that drivers face a danger of being rear-ended when turning right into Conwal and there is a danger of motorcyclists overtaking.Cllr Kavanagh added that he looks forward to working with local authority engineers on the matter. Dangerous turn into graveyard sparks call for safety measures was last modified: November 12th, 2019 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Live Blog from CloudConnect: Amazon CTO Werner Vogels and the Scaling Cloud

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Amazon CTO Werner Vogels is the lead keynote today at CloudConnect, an event that has sold out this year with about 3,000 people in attendance.Lew Tucker, Cloud CTO, Cisco Systems and Cloudscaling CEO Randy Bias will follow Vogels.We’ll be looking for three key themes:The Importance of an Open Infrastructure.How the API Plays a Growing Role in the Cloud.The Future of Compute, Storage and I/0. 8:59 a.m.: Let’s get started.9:04 a.m.: Vogels says this will not be a sales talk. Yay! Very choppy video. Ugh. Vogels is talking about the ecosystem and the growth of mobile. 9:08 a.m. Cloud service terms are muddling the way we think about infrastructure and its impacts. The real importance is in the types of applications we build. Cloud services needs to exhibit benefits of the greater cloud. The service provider should be running the infrastructure so people can just use it. That is what the cloud looks like these days. 9:11 a.m.: Most important is to grow the ecosystem. Enterprise software was built for enterprise operations. This is leading to major changes. Startups are growing to bigger sizes than enterprise companies. With increasing competition, enterprises are becoming more start up like. He is mentioning companies such as Safenet that provide ways for the enterprises to interrelate with the cloud.9:16 a.m.: Vogels is recounting a story he had with a potential customer that showed him a Garner Magic Quadrant. He was being asked about hosting. But the difference is really about how growth can be supported. Hosting architectures need to support high performing Web sites. 9:20 a,m. In this high performance environment, companies are leveraging the ecosystem. SAP, for instance, is using the cloud to measure carbon impact. 9:22 a.m.Sill getting very choppy stream. Hard to follow. Companies are using the redundancy of the Amazon server network. Companies are using EU region for hot loads with the US being cold but there in case the data load needs to be transferred due to an outage, for example.9:25 a.m.: Business environments change radically. Companies need to continually update disaster recovery. He is citing importance of having a network such as Amazon.9:27 a.m.: Vogels is going through the company’s announcements of the past year. Its goal is to make sure the ecosystem really blossoms.Lew Tucker, Cloud CTO, Cisco Systems9:31 a.m.: What are effective networks? It’s really about network entropy. It’s abotu decomposing and reconstructing into new configurations. Tucker is bringing up John Gage, who talked about the network being the computer. Today, we see the massive growth of TCP/IP and the world of networked devices. That movement has pushed us into the age of the laptops, mobile platforms and the future mesh that will transform how society functions. 9:35 a.m.: Cloud computing is arriving just in time, Tucker says. It is like a perfect storm. What we have learned is that the Web won and applications need to be built in its form. That means a unified infrastructure. But what do we do to push things forward so applications are independent of the underlying infrastructure?9:42 a.m. Talking about joining OpenStack and Cisco’s commitment to open standards. Missed a bit due to poor streamNow, we’re on to Randy Bias.Randy Bias, CEO, CloudScaling9:45 a.m.: CloudScaling build clouds. He is walking through how he and his company views about building clouds. What he is really referring to are the public clouds we see built. Private clouds are needed because there are ways that the enterprise needs to be serviced differently than Amazon. He sees two battles being waged. There are the commodity public clouds provided by Amazon and the enterprise clouds.You have to ask yourself: Where is the enterprise cloud that compares to Amazon Web Services. Amazon, he notes, is taking off at an amazing pace. AmazonS3 is growing at 150%. That’s petabytes of data. Extrapolate and you see a scaling business.9:55 a.m. For the enterprise cloud, the cost to build and maintain is far greater than commodity clouds. Amazon is winning and enterprise cloud providers need to consider how to compete more effectively against them.10:07 a.m.: I’ve been following the interviews with Matthew Lodge of VMware and Matt Thompson, General Manager, Developer and Platform Evangelism at Microsoft. The fous is again om developers and the importance of infrastructures to support application growth. The focus is on programming the cloud and not the individual computer.Kevin McEntee, VP of Ecommerce and Systems Engineering, Netflix10:14 a.m.: In 1998, the company used a big Oracle database and a big Java programming environment. It crashed. They went to the cloud looking for high availability. They got that but they alo discovered new agility for developers and the business, too. Agility came with eliminating complexity. Accidental complexities came with adjusting to a Web environment. 10:22 a.m: Netflix culture fits with AWS programming environment. There is no CIO. There is no control. alex williams Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts Tags:#cloud#cloud computing#news 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… We’re going to stop there. Thanks for following!last_img read more

Making the Most of Your Tax Return

first_imgBy Leigh Guth with Molly C. HerndonPalms get itchy this time of year with folks anticipating their tax refund. All too quickly the refund is here and gone again, spent as quickly as it came. It is important to remember, especially this time of year, that a tax refund is not “free money” – rather it is the return of earned income. PFMs, this year, help others develop a plan for saving the bulk of their refund. For example, by taking a small amount – perhaps 20% – to use that for a fun purchase or a vacation. But, by saving the remaining 80% of the refund, taxpayers can begin improve their family’s financial situation. Here are some considerations to share with your clients:Look at your financial health and consider the year ahead. What debts are you paying off? Do you have a high interest credit card or loan? Check out to see how much money you would save in interest by paying a lump sum toward your debt. Power Pay will show you which loan you should target and how much quicker you will pay off your debt by using your refund as a debt payment.What crisis could come along? Do you have six months’ worth of living expenses saved for an emergency? What if you were to lose your job? What if you need to repair your car, replace your washing machine, or have a major medical expense? Could you pay for those things without resorting to your credit card? A tax refund is a great way to start an emergency fund that would help handle any of these events.What big events are planned this year?Is there a wedding, summer trip or a graduation in the future? Use your tax refund to open a savings account for this purpose. With a lump sum to start you on your way, adding a small monthly amount can make saving for a special occasion a cinch.Are you saving for your retirement or your child’s education? This tax refund could make a great impact toward any savings goal and can have a positive effect on your taxes for next year.As discussed in a recent post, by using direct deposit for your tax refund, you are already taking a step toward success! Directly deposited refunds arrive faster than a mailed check. By using an IRS Form 8888, you can assign your refund to up to three different bank accounts. So, you could send 20% of your tax refund amount to a checking account reserved for discretionary purchases, then, send the remaining amount to a retirement account or savings account. You can also use this form to purchase up to $5,000 of U.S. savings bonds to add to your retirement or education savings. Now, you are already on your way to improving your financial health in 2012!last_img read more

Sven Aaser Telenor Group has announced its intenti

first_imgSven AaserTelenor Group has announced its intention to divest all its shares in Russian operator VimpelCom, where the company has an economic stake of 33%. Telenor Group will now fully focus on creating value in core operations.Telenor said that VimpelCom has gradually contributed less to the value of the group, and the value of Telenor’s core operations have increased rapidly. Today, the market value of the VimpelCom Ltd. shares represents approximately 8% of Telenor’s market capitalization.Telenor Group has invested NOK 15 billion (€1.6 billion) in VimpelCom. The company has received NOK 20 billion in dividends and the current market value of the ownership stake is approximately NOK 20 billion.Telenor said it will explore all options to divest its shares in VimpelCom and will seek to find the best solution for Telenor and its shareholders. A timeframe for the divestment has not been set, but is expected to take some time.The Vimpelcom stock declined in the third quarter and ended at US$4.11 per share versus a book value of US$5.64 per share, leading to Telenor making a non-cash impairment of approximately NOK7.5 billion in the third quarter.“The VimpelCom asset, where Telenor holds a minority position without the possibility to fully control the company, has been challenging. Based on a strategic review by the Board and the CEO, and after due considerations, Telenor Group has decided to divest its shares in VimpelCom Ltd. The disposal of our shares is in the best interest of our shareholders, and in accordance with Telenor Group’s long-term strategic focus,” said Svein Aaser, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Telenor Group.last_img read more

Olivier Dufour BeIN Medias director of digital O

first_imgOlivier DufourBeIN Media’s director of digital, Olivier Dufour, is leaving the company after five years to return to independent consultancy.“I am leaving #beIN after 5 thrilling years, with exceptional team. Now sharing vision & expertise as consulting with industry leaders,” Dufour said in a Tweet announcing his departure. Dufour was charged with delivering BeIN Sports on multiple screens at BeIN Media Group. Having joined the company as head of digital for France in 2012, he became director of digital for the overall group in January 2014.Prior to joining the Qatar-based media group, he founded consultancy outfit Otek Media Consulting, which provided services related to new media for BeIN Sports, France Télévisions, Arte, Orange and Middle East consultancy group TiviPro – where he previously worked as chief operating officer and deputy CEO – among others.He had earlier founded user-generated video pioneer SkemA and had worked in new media roles for France Telecom and Sofrecom.last_img read more

German broadcaster ProSiebenSat1s sports busines

first_imgGerman broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1’s sports business unit, 7Sports, is to deepen its involvement in the fast-growing world of eSports for the first time after striking a deal with Modern Times Group (MTG)-owned eSports giant ESL.From August 30, the ProSieben Maxx channel will run a new magazine show, Ran eSports. The content will also be available on the and websites. ProSiebenSat.1 claims that the show, which will air every Wednesday at 00:15, will be the first on a German free-to-air channel dedicated to eSports.The show will focus on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, but will also feature content around the League of Legends game as well as Dota 2, FIFA, Madden NFL and Rocket League.Before the launch of the magazine show, ProSieben Maxx will also air the final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup on August 23.The broadcaster has also renewed an existing agreement with eLeague. ProSieben Maxx started broadcasting content from the Turner-backed sSports league last year.7Sports CEO Zeljko Karajica said that eSports was “one of the major growth areas in sport” and that taking the content to free TV would open it up to a new audience. He said the partnership with ESL, together with the group’s existing eLeague, meant that ProSiebenSat.1 now had one of the largest line-ups of eSports on offer.last_img read more

Hold the phone Huawei mistrust imperils China tech ambitions

first_imgUS officials and lawmakers have long expressed concern that China could use its tech firms to steal trade secrets—accusations Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang dismissed on Monday as “ridiculous.””These people do not provide a single (piece of) evidence to show how Huawei affects their national security,” Lu said. Fifth-generation mobile communications are the next milestone in the digital revolution, bringing near-instantaneous connectivity and vast data capacity Citation: Hold the phone: Huawei mistrust imperils China tech ambitions (2018, December 11) retrieved 17 July 2019 from Analysts say mounting concern over Huawei imperils its lead over the market “If Huawei is hit hard, China will lose its 5G lead.” China observers say President Xi Jinping’s more assertive global stance bears much of the blame for Huawei’s troubles.Late leader Deng Xiaoping famously observed that China’s strategy should be to “hide your strength, bide your time”, to avoid triggering a crippling foreign backlash.But Xi has dumped that, accumulating one-man power, scrapping term limits and openly declaring China’s ambition to become a high-tech power.Beijing also passed a law in 2015 obliging its corporations to aid the government on matters of national security.These moves have sparked alarm in the West, and the US has accused Chinese entities of massive cyber-attacks.”One of the biggest criticisms of Xi in China is: ‘did he take the stage too fast, did he try to push Chinese power too soon?'” said Christopher Balding, a China expert at Fulbright University in Ho Chi Minh City.”He has behaved as near-totalitarian and is acting similarly internationally and people are saying ‘we don’t like it.'” Huawei’s status as a leading world supplier of the backbone equipment for telecoms systems—mostly in developing markets—gives China an inside track China observers say President Xi Jinping’s more assertive global stance bears much of the blame for Huawei’s troubles Explore further China’s ambitious drive to dominate next-generation 5G technology faces a sudden reality check as fears spread that telecom companies like Huawei could be proxies for Beijing’s intrusive security apparatus. Fifth-generation mobile communications are the next milestone in the digital revolution, bringing near-instantaneous connectivity and vast data capacity.They will enable the widespread adoption of futuristic technologies such as artificial intelligence and automated cars and factories—advances China is desperate to lead.With 5G’s rollout expected to gain pace in coming years, the race to dominate standards and control security and data traffic underpins much of the current high-tech rivalry between the United States and China, technology experts said.Huawei’s status as a leading world supplier of the backbone equipment for telecoms systems—mostly in developing markets—gives China an inside track.But analysts said mounting concern over Huawei imperils that lead.”This is a big threat because if Huawei loses access to lucrative Western markets, this will impact its ability to grow and finance R&D,” said Paul Triolo, a global technology policy expert with risk consultancy Eurasia Group.It also could hinder the deployment of 5G networks in China, which are “a key piece of China’s overall effort to upgrade its industrial base”, he added. The US defence establishment fears China’s dominance of critical 5G infrastructure could enable it to disrupt American military communications or otherwise wage asymmetrical warfare in a confrontation.Triolo warned of potentially disastrous fallout for China if US law-enforcement efforts—in the spotlight after the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in Canada—result in a ban on sales of US chips and other vital technology to Huawei.”This could be catastrophic for China’s tech ambitions, threatening (Huawei) itself, supporting industries, and future development,” he said.Burglar with a keyNew Zealand recently joined Australia and the US in essentially barring use of Huawei equipment in domestic networks. Following Meng’s arrest on December 1, similar sentiments have arisen from Tokyo to Brussels.On Monday, Kyodo news agency reported Japan’s top three telecom companies would forego equipment from Huawei and another big Chinese player, ZTE. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2018 AFP Distrust of Huawei stems in part from the background of founder Ren Zhengfei, a 74-year-old former People’s Liberation Army engineer.The US has already put the squeeze on ZTE, which faced insolvency earlier this year after the Trump administration temporarily banned American companies from selling it vital components.Huawei has secured many leading 5G patents and supplied networking equipment for telecom systems around the world that will inevitably carry huge amounts of US data, putting that information at potential risk.”One way to envision (the threat) is to imagine the person who built your house decides to burgle it,” James Lewis, a technology policy expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, wrote in an analysis last week.”They know the layout, power system, access points, (and) may have kept a key.”‘We don’t like it’But US firms like Intel and Qualcomm produce the advanced chips critical for 5G, giving Washington huge sway over Huawei, which depends heavily on those technologies.If the US cuts off Huawei’s chip supply and further isolates the company, the blow “will be huge, bigger than ZTE”, said Shi Yinhong, an expert on China-US relations at Beijing’s Renmin University. Under fire Huawei agrees to UK security demands: reportlast_img read more