The ultimate way to do business make sure the boss is the only one to leave

last month in a salon in the local electricity supplier Association, in the last part of the question, a colleague has raised the question to the guests: the shop sells digital products are our factory production line out, one explosion rate of return 5% (in the digital category is very high), and in the evaluation of the content, there are a lot of problems is a reflection of the product. The operation is very annoying, because in the face of market data show that the product is unable to meet the needs of consumers, must be improved in order to re launch process. But to change the process, we must change the mold, this cost estimate needs more than 1 million yuan. The operation of communication and tried to find the boss, but the boss not to say yes or no, so it ran aground off. read more

Talking about the strategy and means of website promotion

After the completion of the

website, now have a propaganda enterprise website platform, the website after we should how to let more people know their own website, which requires the website promotion. A successful website promotion process is also the process of branding and product promotion.

implementation of website promotion, we should take into account:

Potential users of

‘s product or service is what kind of user;


analysis of the company’s products or services using the object what are the characteristics of what kind of Internet habits; read more